Environmental, Social and Governance Principles

RMS’ primary responsibility is generating superior, risk adjusted, long-term investment performance for its investors. One way we do this is by practicing sustainable forestry and environmental stewardship on client-owned timberlands.

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We manage a broad array of risk factors, including public perception risk, which requires recognition that the public grants us a social license to operate based on our perceived willingness to serve as an engaged and responsible land steward.

This approach is not only consistent with RMS’ forestry heritage and values, it also aligns with the interests of our investors, who have a need to understand the environmental and social impacts and positive contributions of their investment activities.

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This is the essence of ESG adherence from RMS’ perspective because it is consistent with our founding ethos and organizational vision, which is to advance the practice of forestry and appreciation for the societal importance of privately-owned forests.

Throughout our existence, RMS’ stewardship has meant growing healthy trees to meet society’s need for forest products; protecting and enhancing air quality, water resources, soils and wildlife habitat; promoting ecological diversity; supporting local communities and economies; and, proactively engaging with others who support the capacity of our working forests to provide the world with these and other values and benefits.

It also has meant being ethical and open about our business practices and transparent with both our investors and the public about what we do and how we do it.

RMS’ forestry practices are third-party certified by the world’s leading forest sustainability frameworks, including the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C132196), and the Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC). We also are a signatory to the United Nations supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). RMS considers these standards baseline measures and strives to consistently exceed their objectives.


Australia: https://au.pfolsen.com/sustainability/certified-forests/forests-we-manage/tasmania/
NZ: https://nz.pfolsen.com/environment-safety/pefc-forests/

Jimmy Bullock, Senior Vice President of Forest Sustainability, discusses RMS’ focus on forest sustainability and ESG.


RMS’ global forest management practices are certified to the world’s leading forest management standards, including the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C132196), as well as the National Certification Standards that are recognized by the Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification (PEFC). Each standard provides an objective framework that ensures working forests are sustainably and responsibly managed. RMS also is a signatory to the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which requires we report annually on our global compliance and ESG-related activities. As an organization, we consider these standards baseline measures and we consistently strive to exceed them.

Sustainable Forestry Certification

“Governments and communities around the world expect that privately-owned natural resources, like working forests, will be sustainably and responsibly managed in ways that promote economic growth and support the broader interests of society. We believe being responsive to these expectations is among our primary mandates as a timberland investment manager.”

— Alex Hinson, President and CEO, Resource Management Service
  • Sustainability Commitments


    RMS strives to be a thought leader on matters of forest sustainability and other ESG-related issues – a commitment that is reflected in the initiatives we undertake to protect at-risk species and threatened ecosystems, and the degree to which we devote people and other resources to supporting them.
  • Sustainability Commitments


    RMS empowers all employees to practice sustainable management of our investors' forests; to promote the social well-being of the communities in which we operate; and, to operate in accordance with strict standards of open and ethical business practices.

    Sustainability Commitments


    RMS designates special management areas to conserve and protect unique land values and features, like riparian zones along water courses, culturally sensitive sites and those with historical significance, and habitats that have viable plant, insect, aquatic or wildlife species of special interest or concern.

    Sustainability Commitments


    RMS collaborates with public and private organizations, from local, state and federal agencies to conservation groups, to develop customized management plans and to permanently protect sensitive sites through both the sale of conservation easements and fee-simple ownership rights.

    Sustainability Commitments


    RMS provides varying degrees of public access to investors' timberlands for recreational uses, like hunting, fishing, hiking and bird-watching – pastimes that are not only popular, but often cultural anchors in the areas where we operate.

    Sustainability Commitments


    RMS provides financial assistance, expertise and other resources to an array of forestry and conservation organizations. Among other things, we provide researchers with funding, technical assistance and land access for initiatives that involve the study of forestry and other environmental issues, including water quality and wildlife management. RMS' employees also volunteer with a variety of forestry, environmental, academic, wildlife and charitable organizations - often serving on their boards.

Social Responsibility Priorities

RMS is active in the communities where we operate through a broad array of company-sponsored outreach and engagement efforts, many of which are managed through our Community Roots program.

  • Volunteerism
    RMS employees volunteer thousands of hours of time to a variety of initiatives, including building homes through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. It also includes sponsoring and conducting forestry wildlife tours and workshops for educators and students of all ages.
  • Internships
    RMS places great emphasis on mentoring and supporting the next generation of forestry professionals. This work is anchored by the RMS Forestry Internship Program which provides, full-time, paid work opportunities for students in both our regional offices and global headquarters.
  • Scholarships
    The RMS Forestry Scholarship Program awards $10,000 scholarships annually to students at eight participating universities. This initiative was conceived as a way to promote forestry as a career especially among students from populations that historically have been under-represented in the forestry profession.

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