Serving Timberland Investors Worldwide

RMS’ global headquarters is in Birmingham, Alabama in the heart of the world’s largest, most diverse and most productive timber producing region – the U.S. Southeast.

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We maintain offices in the US and Brazil seeking alternative investment opportunities in core investment regions for our investors. RMS has a staff of more than 165 experienced and highly skilled forest investment professionals and we directly oversee all of the core functions and processes along the timberland value chain for our investors. As a timber investment management organization (TIMO), forestry is in our DNA and our people are experts in every aspect of timberland investing, including: acquisition sourcing, transaction negotiation, due diligence, forest genetics, forest management, timber merchandising, land marketing, regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, and wildlife management.

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With nearly seven decades of experience buying, managing and facilitating alternative investments in the timberland asset class, and advising both non-industrial timberland owners and the forest products industry on everything from forest productivity and timber procurement, RMS knows how to optimize the biological, financial and societal value of working forests.

Alex Hinson, President & CEO reflects on Our Company’s Identity

By the Numbers

  • $5.1B

    Total AUM
    (As of 12.31.23)
  • 44

    Institutional investors
  • $6.6B

    Total value of forest acquisitions
    (Since 2004)
  • $39.2B

    Due diligence performed since 1985
  • 20+

    Timber Markets and Operations in 2 Countries
  • 165

    Forest Investment Professionals

Through the Years

In 1950, John M. Bradley, a young Yale School of Forestry graduate, partnered with Harry E. Murphy, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, to create Resource Management Service, Inc. From its humble beginnings as a consulting forestry firm to private landowners, RMS was able to follow changing dynamics in the forest products and paper industry and position itself to capitalize - becoming recognized as a leading timberland management and acquisitions firm, with a focus on intensive, high-yield forestry. Since the mid-1980s, when we helped pioneer the business model for institutions investing in timber as an asset class, RMS has developed and refined the state-of-the-art systems and capabilities required to achieve success in viable timberland investments. Today, RMS has evolved into an accomplished timberland investment firm with assets under management in North America, South America, all while remaining a private, employee-owned company.

Identity and Values

RMS has a collaborative, entrepreneurial, forestry-focused culture.

RMS has a collaborative, entrepreneurial, forestry-focused culture.

Our investors are our partners and we strive to align our business and financial interests with theirs as a responsible and reliable fiduciary.

As global timber investors, we also build mutually beneficial relationships with the forestry community around the world, mainstream conservation organizations, educational institutions, governmental entities and the communities in which we live and work. We at RMS have a firm set of beliefs about why we exist, what we do, and how we do it.

  • Vision

    RMS exists to advance the practice of forestry and appreciation for the societal importance of privately-owned forests.
  • Mission

    RMS strives to be recognized as the premier creator of forest value.
  • Strategy

    RMS is focused on being recognized as the clear partner of choice for long-horizoned timberland investors and we do this by aligning and leveraging our investment approach, our scale and scope, our intellectual property advantages and our integrated forestry and investment capabilities to produce consistently superior investment performance.
  • Culture

    Founded, owned and led by foresters, RMS is a forestry-centric investment company that is defined by the talents of our people, our core values and our operating principles.

Creating Forest Value Since 1950

Our employees and company culture

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