Practicing Leading-Edge Forestry

RMS directly staffs and fully integrates all of the key forestry functions and processes required to optimize timberland returns.

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Our Forest Management Team stays on the leading edge of forestry innovation, technology development and knowledge transfer.

This integrated and intensive approach enables us to manage tens of thousands of timber stands globally for investors – assets that each have their own biological characteristics and financial profiles.

In every part of the world where RMS invests, we customize our forestry approaches to local markets and conditions – leveraging, extending and adapting our systems and processes to the demands of each operating and business environment.

Charlie Cornish, Executive Vice President of North and South America Operations, discusses RMS’ forest management capabilities.

  • How RMS Manages Forests to create alpha

    By Maximizing Timber Growth Rates

    • Developing forest, site and market-specific management plans
    • Leveraging operational scale to negotiate favorable pricing for silvicultural treatments, such as forest nutrition and competition control
    • Utilizing leading silvicultural methods, including advanced genetics and newly- developed technologies
    • Employing sophisticated metrics to measure each forest stand’s biological and financial performance
  • How RMS Manages Forests to create alpha

    By Executing Value-Enhancing Timber Sales Strategies

    • Leveraging the regional concentrations and scale of investors’ forest assets to capture market share and to optimize delivered timber volumes and pricing
    • Employing real-time market intelligence and relationships to sell timber opportunistically based on emerging supply and demand trends in regional and local markets
    • Utilizing advanced supply-chain strategies to maximize the timing, merchandizing and overall efficiency of timber deliveries

An Integrated Manager

RMS executes all of the value-adding functions in the forestland investment value chain.
  • Investment Management
  • Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Forest Inventory
  • Econometrics & Forecasting
  • Harvest Scheduling
  • Advanced Silviculture Implementation
  • Marketing & Timber Sales
  • Research & Technology Transfer
  • Geographic Information System
  • Accounting
  • Legal & Compliance

How RMS Practices Forestry

Forest management entails establishing and executing a succession of forestry activities and regimes over the biological and economic life cycle of a forest to improve its productive capacity and financial performance. This life cycle, and the ways in which RMS manages it, are illustrated and explained below.

  • Forest Planning
  • Forest Planning
    Developing optimized management plans for each timberland asset with a focus on protecting and enhancing its soils and long-term health and timber productivity.
  • Site Preparation & Reforestation
  • Site Preparation & Reforestation
    Utilizing site appropriate techniques to prepare areas for reforestation and then planting seedlings whose genetics are enhanced and matched with the growing conditions to maximize growth and survival.
  • Growth Management
  • Growth Management
    Promoting biological growth of seedlings and young trees as they mature by fertilizing, controlling competition for water, sunlight and soil nutrients and thinning stands periodically to generate near-term income and to maximize the value of residual trees.
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management
    Planning for, and mitigating the natural risks posed to maturing timber stands from pest infestations, disease and adverse weather and climatic events.
  • Harvest Management
  • Harvest Management
    Utilizing final harvesting techniques that fully capture a forest's timber values and that facilitate its rapid and successful regeneration.

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