Optimizing the Timberland Value Chain

RMS has consistently outperformed the NCREIF Timberland Property Index’s U.S. South regional index.  We have created timberland alpha by practicing leading edge forestry and leveraging our business model, which focuses on managing all of the core functions and processes of timberland investing.

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Our approach and the talents and commitment of our people, enable RMS to identify and create linkages and synergies up and down the timberland investment value chain.

This empowers us to make better, faster and more collaborative decisions about how to optimize the performance of our investors’ forest assets.

Our forestry expertise, combined with an organizational structure that supports collaborative decision making, allows RMS to operate with a high degree of optionality.  This empowers us to shape and adjust our investment and asset management efforts in response to our investors’ evolving risk and return needs.

Ultimately, RMS’ team approach and the deep and varied capabilities of our people are what define the unique brand of investment – focused forestry that we practice on behalf of our investors.

Adding Value

What defines and differentiates RMS?
  • Forestry Culture
    Founded, owned and led by foresters. Deep relationships with investors and buyers of forest products. Respected thought leader with global influence.
  • Integrated Business Model
    Efficient and cost-effective. Ideal approach for complex, long-held asset like timberland. Exercise direct oversight of all of the core investment and forestry functions and processes that drive alpha.
  • Disciplined Strategy
    Specialize in large-scale, intensively managed forest investments in high potential global markets. Deep expertise in plantation-style forestry in robust, timber-rich geographies.
  • Durability and Experience
    Pioneering provider of professional forestry services to land owners and investors. Have completed hundreds of land transactions worth billions of dollars.
  • Aligned Goals and Interests
    Investors treated as partners instead of just clients. Financial interests are aligned because profits are not siphoned by a parent company.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Innovation and creative thinking are hallmarks. Decades of business evolution and experience have shaped the firm's culture, behavior and outlook.
  • Employee Ownership
    A large percentage of the team are owners. Equity participation promotes commitment and serves as a powerful recruitment and retention tool.
  • Stewardship Ethos
    Forestry heritage provides a strong consciousness about sustainability and the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) considerations in making investment decisions.

RMS Targeted Regions Around the Globe

  • brazil

  • united states

  • australia

  • new zealand

Creating Forest Value Since 1950

Our Identity and Values

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