We believe our commitment to sustainable forest management is perfectly aligned with our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.  Good stewardship is good business.

To RMS, sustainability means the forests of today will be available for future generations. It means we manage our forests so they produce a steady yield of renewable products such as paper, wood panels and lumber. Sustainability also means we manage forests for other values: clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, soil productivity, conservation of biological diversity, and sites of unique cultural, historic, or geological importance.

As a registered investment adviser, land manager, and environmental steward, our role is varied:

  • Provide optimal returns to our clients while putting their interests ahead of our own;
  • Manage the timberlands under our care so they will remain economically viable in perpetuity;
  • Practice responsible environmental stewardship, conserving soil productivity, air and water quality, wildlife habitat, and biodiversity.
  • Publically demonstrate our commitment to this responsibility through audited third-party forest management certification.

RMS considers its responsibilities to its employees and to the communities in which it operates to be of very high importance. Internal policies support our diverse and talented employees and contribute to the employees’ commitment to RMS and its investors. Additionally, RMS supports institutions engaged in relevant research, as well as providing opportunities for students and landowners to learn from our land management practices.

RMS is a committed registered investment adviser, and our governance policies are intended to protect our clients and their interests, as well as the quality of the lands which we manage. Transparency in reporting is fundamental, as is compliance training, risk management, succession planning, and continual improvement.