As a registered investment adviser, RMS has a fiduciary duty to each and every client of the firm. As a land manager, RMS also undertakes the responsible and environmentally friendly management of the forestlands under its care.


The policy of RMS is to protect the interests of each of the firm’s clients and to place clients’ interests first and foremost in every situation. The firm’s fiduciary duty also includes, among other commitments:

  • Providing full and fair disclosure of all relevant facts and any potential or actual conflicts of interest;
  • Recognizing our duty of loyalty and good faith;
  • Providing recommendations that are suitable; and
  • Seeking best execution of all client transactions.

RMS takes compliance seriously, and a member of the senior management team is designated as Chief Compliance Officer. 

As part of our commitment to managing forestland sustainably, we strive to certify all lands under RMS management to an audited third-party forestry certifications standard, thus assuring the public that our tenets of environmental stewardship are in place and that we are working to protect our water, air, soil, cultural values, and wildlife. In the United States, this standard is the SFI® Forest Management Standard. Forestlands managed by RMS in the following respective geographies are certified to these standards: Responsible Wood (PEFC), the Brazil Plantation Forest Standard (FSC), the China Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC), and the New Zealand Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC). Each of these standards are either endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). To monitor this program RMS has set up a sustainable forestry program whose policies and operating guidelines are overseen by an internal Sustainable Forestry Team. This team is comprised of RMS operations and research personnel with sustainable forestry responsibilities, and the program is monitored by a rigorous internal audit program. We believe this program is second to none.