As a fiduciary and registered investment adviser, our primary responsibility is to our clients. We appreciate that a high degree of trust goes into the decision to place money with a manager. Forest operations are influenced by a complex web of supply and demand factors and many different stakeholders. Keeping our clients at the core of every decision requires a cohesive group of highly specialized people. 

We believe RMS has uniquely talented individuals who make up a diverse and dynamic team dedicated to managing timberlands sustainably and efficiently for our clients. From our foundation in the 1950s as foresters, the company has not lost its collaborative, family-like culture. Our priority is to maintain our identity as a dependable fiduciary with deep roots in the assets we manage. 

Producing consistent, attractive returns for our investors is our daily goal. As foresters and land stewards, however, we do not think that returns have to come at the expense of our environment. We can provide the forest products required by a vibrant and growing society while enhancing habitat quality, maintaining ecological diversity, protecting water quality, promoting clean air, and protecting site and soil productivity. To stand behind this belief and add credibility to our actions, we certify all properties managed, in all regions of the world, with a credible third party audited forest management certification system.

With these priorities in mind, we keep our business interests and our clients’ interests aligned.