RMS is responsible for $4.4 billion in timberland investments on behalf of investors around the globe, making RMS one of the largest and most diversified private timberland managers worldwide.

We operate in five countries around the world. The investments in each of these geographies are managed by in-country RMS personnel with support from staff and senior management in the company’s corporate office. Our current target geographies are:


Current Markets:

United States

The southern United States is arguably the world’s most important timber producing region and RMS has a significant presence within it. This region’s reputation as the world’s wood basket is well deserved, with excellent growing conditions, a favorable economic and regulatory environment, and ready access to well-developed markets. RMS believes that exposure to southern U.S. timberland is a required component in any high-quality, diversified timberland portfolio.


Brazil offers a compelling combination of highly-productive plantation forests, globally-competitive mill operations, domestic markets fueled by an emerging middle class and excellent access to export markets in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. The combination of these factors make Brazil a highly attractive investment region for those with the skill and experience to navigate the challenges of doing business in Brazil. RMS has operated in Brazil since 2008 and has developed an experienced local team to oversee our Brazilian investments.


RMS was the first institutional timberland manager to establish operations in China and has been active there since 2010.  China's timber demand has grown tremendously over the last two decades and domestic supply is severely restricted, creating unique opportunities for in-country timberland investments.  Business risk is mitigated by strong government support for the economic and environmental benefits produced by plantation forests and the forest products industry.  RMS has a fully-integrated forest management company operating within China and with support from our Asia-Pacific offices in Hong Kong and Auckland, New Zealand as well as by dedicated U.S. corporate staff.


Timberland investments in Australia provide exposure to the emerging economies of China and India from a low-risk platform of political/economic stability and business transparency.  Strong domestic demand for paper and building products further strengthens the robust market story.  With an established resource of industrial-scale hardwood and softwood plantations, investors may further diversify their investment by species and product. The diversification potential and favorable business climate positions timberland “down under” as an attractive, core timberland investment.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a world-class Radiata Pine plantation resource, well-positioned to serve both domestic mills and utilize an extensive port infrastructure to access export markets in China, Japan, Korea and India.  Forestry and the forest products industry have a long history of economic contribution that is recognized throughout the country, resulting in strong government support and very low operating risk.