A Forestry-centered Company

01 RMS was founded by foresters and has been owned and managed by forestry professionals throughout its existence. For over 67 years, we have pioneered timber marketing and management techniques, learned how timber and land markets behave in bull and bear economies, developed deep relationships with our clients and customers, and have been active participants in the forestry community. 

An Entrepreneurial, Employee-Owned Culture

02 Employee ownership was a fundamental principle of our founders and continues to this day. RMS is more than two thirds owned by its employees, and ownership is broadly distributed with effective mechanisms in place to ensure succession of employee ownership. This promotes stability in the firm and is a powerful tool to attract and retain the human capital critical to the success of RMS and our clients’ investments.

Durability and Experience

03 RMS has a strong track record of timberland transactions and investment oriented timberland management. We were among the first companies in the U.S South to provide independent third-party management services to timberland owners and investors. Before 2004, RMS completed a large number of transactions as a land manager, and since then has acquired $6.3 billion in timberland. RMS currently manages 2.5 million acres, and has sold more than $1.3 billion in timberland on behalf of our investors.

Focused Expertise

04 We specialize in large-scale timberland transactions and intensive management of plantation assets in the southern United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and China. These countries offer compelling cases for investments in forestry due to a number of individual factors. As such, RMS has developed a strong operating presence in each country and continues to grow within each.

Vertically Integrated Delivery System

05 We strongly believe that timberland is an asset class that responds well to active management, and that active management is best delivered through our own employees. Our foresters and investment professionals are given the tools, training, and information to make managerial decisions in the forest. By closely linking investment and forestry professionals, we are able to produce decisions that properly integrate the financial and biological attributes of the forest.  And we’ve learned that superior investment performance is the accumulation of hundreds of good decisions made every day for weeks and years. 

Investor and Employee Goal Alignment

06 We believe that performance incentive fees align our interests with those of our investors and we’ve worked to develop innovative incentive structures that better align compensation with performance. Our ownership structure means company profit are not siphoned off by distant parent companies, but are allocated through bonuses and equity distributions to those who are most influential in creating business outcomes. This practice allows us to compensate employees well, while remaining competitive in the fees we charge.