Hunting & Recreation

Hunting & Recreation

Our License Process

Typically, license renewals are sent to RMS hunt club customers between April and May of each year, with payment and other required materials due back to us on or before June 30. This is in keeping with our philosophy that we want to keep clubs who are good stewards of the property in place year after year, building a tradition tied in part to the property they license.

When a tract becomes available for license, RMS foresters have several ways of determining which prospective club to offer the property for license. The first contact is often a neighboring landowner or existing RMS hunt club. Second, the foresters will check the waiting list in their Region, trying to match the tract up with the club that is, in their opinion, the "best fit". The third option is to post the available tract on our Hunting and Outdoor Recreation website.

To see if any tracts are available for license for hunting, use the Search All Tracts page. If we have any tracts available in that state, they will be listed. For tracts which are listed as "available" and have a price per acre posted, they are typically licensed to the first qualified club which contacts RMS about the property. You will have to complete an application prior to being approved as qualified. RMS does reserve the right to determine qualified applicants, and make the final decision on the license approval.

If you have an interest in a particular tract, or if you want to be placed on our waiting list, download the "Hunt License Application", print it off, and mail or fax it to the Region Hunt Club Contact shown on the website.

From time to time, we may list a property on a bid basis - which means we will take bids from qualified applicants up until the time posted. The high bidder will be contacted within 24 hours of the posted close of the auction. RMS reserves the right to refuse any and all bids.



The cost of hunt club liability insurance, which is a requirement of the RMS Hunting License Agreement, is included in the recreational license invoice.