Forest Management

Forest Management

The Integrated Model

At RMS, we believe in beginning-to-end management. We are fully integrated, meaning that we provide all management functions in-house with our own employees. By combining investment management functions with forest operations, accounting, research, and strategic planning, RMS tailors an investment policy to provide attractive returns over time with the lowest possible amount of risk for our investors.



Lead Identification

The acquisitions team is constantly active in the market sourcing new opportunities.

Portfolio Construction

Target properties are extensively modeled and integrated into a portfolio, maximizing diversification and returns for investors while minimizing risk.

Capital Sourcing

Qualified investors from around the world are presented with the potential portfolio, and RMS supports each investor in their due diligence research.

Acquisition and Integration

Properties are acquired and immediately integrated into the RMS operating platform, with local foresters beginning sales and silvicultural operations.

Management and Marketing Support

Economies of scale work to RMS’s favor allowing sales to be shifted to attractive markets as changing conditions are closely monitored at the local and regional levels.

Ongoing Research and Support

RMS actively supports external and internal investment and forest research and works to transfer proven technologies to operating personnel.

Investor Communication

Portfolio performance is communicated frequently to investors through reports, annual meetings, and client visits.

This integrated model, which incorporates investment objectives into the decision-making process used by management, means that investment performance is driven by the investor and informed by our -highly experienced employees. We believe that this combination yields superior investment returns at lower risk. Our process reflects who we are, both foresters and investment professionals.