Forest Management

Forest Management

Forest Productivity

The world needs forest products for a variety of purposes, and the forestlands managed by RMS help to meet those demands. 

Our goal is to responsibly improve the productivity of our forest resources. RMS continues to develop ways to improve efficiencies in growing trees. For example, a new approach to monitoring responses to forest fertilization has allowed us to maximize the gain achieved from the least amount of fertilizer needed.

Secondly, the use of genetically advanced seedlings in replanting our stands means that the stands planted today will enjoy higher growth rates and better potential for high quality products than in previous generations. The trees we plant today are also expected to exhibit even higher resistance to pests and disease. 

We intend to leverage our memberships in research cooperatives and our strong internal research program to increase the yield of lands under our management. We are continually striving to increase our operational efficiencies while doing so. Applied forest technology is just a part of what we do every day.