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Forest Management

Acquisitions & Dispositions

Since 1985, RMS has performed detailed due diligence and valuation on more than $36.6 billion of timberland acquisitions in five different countries, and has successfully closed $8.4 billion in transactions. Our reputation as a capable purchaser gains us access to the largest timberland auctions as well as smaller, negotiated purchases. 

in timberland due diligence since 1985
in timberland acquisitions since 1985

Essential to RMS’s success in acquisitions is the rigorous underwriting process which has been refined through the years. Our process leads to a disciplined, replicable, and objective analysis of proposed timberland transactions. The team members who work on the acquisition pro forma analysis are intimately involved in its development.



RMS understands the risks inherent to timberland purchases and employs appropriate mitigation strategies.”

RMS’s transactions processes are operated by experienced internal personnel and key legal, tax, financing, and accounting partners with whom it has extensive history. RMS understands the risks inherent in timberland purchases and builds those risks into a comprehensive, real-world underwriting process.

The timberland sale strategy begins during acquisition due diligence. Every acquisition analysis includes an assessment of local land markets and analysis of the candidate property for any potential higher-and-better-use values. RMS performs an ongoing hold versus sell analysis to identify portions of the portfolio that may be producing below-target returns, or which may have grown in value due to changing market conditions. RMS has an analytical framework in place to evaluate unsolicited offers, which is supported by internal knowledge of market values, thereby allowing for quick, disciplined decisions regarding sales opportunities.

of active timberland management

RMS has executed the disposition of more than $1.3 billion in timberland assets since 2004. Our experience includes more than 1,000 individual transactions, and includes larger portfolio sales as well as small higher-and-better-use sales. RMS has a dedicated team of individuals who work to develop its disposition strategy and execute sales analysis, marketing, negotiation, and closing.