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Founded in 1950, Resource Management Service, LLC (RMS) is a global timberland investment firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. We serve public pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, and family offices. We’re a registered investment adviser* with $4.4 billion** of assets under management in the southern U.S., Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and China.  

* This registration is not an endorsement of the firm by the SEC, nor does it signify that RMS has attained a certain level of skill, knowledge, or expertise.

RMS specializes in timberland and is often referred to as a TIMO (Timberland Investment Management Organization). We have been registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment adviser since 2004; however, our history with forestland and its management dates back much further.

** 12/31/2017

in timberland acquisitions since 2004
of active timberland management
Investments in timberland generally work as follows:

With capital from qualified investors, RMS uses its 67 years of experience to carefully underwrite and purchase timberland in one or more target regions around the world. We then manage those lands in an environmentally responsible manner, conduct periodic harvests, and replant trees to generate cash flow returns and long term value for our investors. We supplement timber returns with additional value from a variety of non-timber sources, including recreational leases, ecosystem services and opportunistic property sales.

As a fiduciary, RMS is entrusted with the care of our investors’ assets. We take this duty very seriously and strive to provide full and fair disclosure of relevant information and recommendations that are suitable and achievable.  A robust commitment to compliance assures our investors that appropriate business procedures are in place and strictly followed with regard to their timberland investments.

RMS manages sustainable timberland assets in some of the most attractive regions of the world, from the southern U.S. to Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and China. Our competitive advantage lies in RMS’ depth of talented people, our durability and experience, and our entrepreneurial culture.

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