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Serving Timberland Investors

Resource Management Service LLC (RMS) is a global forestry-centered investment manager with significant expertise in all phases of institutional timberland investing. Founded and managed by forestry professionals and owned by its employees, RMS is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, with offices across the U.S. South, in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, and China.

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Forest Management

The Integrated Model

Coordinating our fiduciary objectives and local forestry decisions seamlessly by keeping management functions within RMS.

Active Management

Managing forests for increased economic and biological productivity, responsible environmental objectives, and lower risk.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

Employing a thorough due diligence process that has been tried and tested through years of market experience. This process is backed by professional foresters, real estate experts, and financial specialists.

Forest Productivity

Leaders in applied forest technology to maximize the financial productivity of our clients’ forests—from reforestation through final harvest.


We advise timberland investors on the management of forest assets on four continents. Our employee ownership has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit in RMS throughout its history and continues to align investor and manager goals. 

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We conduct our business for the long-term viability of the forests we manage and the people we work with under a strict governance framework. 

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